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Vocal Asia

A Platform for Asia’s Contemporary A Cappella Music In 2010, Vocal Asia was established with the mission to unite the Asian a cappella musicians and fans together, and share the beautiful harmony of Asian a cappella music to the world. Our goal is to serve the a cappella audience by connecting the a cappella organizations to create a musical world without borders.

Apart from bridging up the a cappella communities from different countries, Vocal Asia is also committed to a cappella education. Each year, Vocal Asia Camp is held in different country with master classes, workshops, seminars, concerts and competition with world-renowned a cappella artists as instructors.

Our Mission

  • Building an alliance of Asian a cappella organizations
  • Holding international a cappella forum annually
  • Organizing Vocal Asia Camp annually throughout the continent
  • Providing the platform for a cappella information exchange and musicians' profiles
  • Promoting a cappella music by providing a cappella education and related material
  • Organizing concert tours in Asia for international a cappella groups

VA Team

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    Clare Chen

    CJCHT Group, CEO
    Taiwan Choral Music Center, Board of Directors
    Wiener Meisterkurse Vienna Master Courses, Head of Advisory Board
    ShangHai A Cappella Center, President
    National Symphony Orchestra, Sponsor

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    Peder Karlsson
    International Artistic Advisor

    The Real Academy, Headmaster Singer,
    Composer, Arranger, Vocal Coach

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    Deke Sharon
    International Artistic Adivisor

    Contemporary A Cappella Society,
    Founder Singer, Composer, Arranger,
    Vocal Coach, Music Producer, Music Director

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    Rio Lee
    Music Advisor

    Composer, Arranger, Music Producer,
    Music Director A House Music,
    General Manager and Music Director

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    Kaichiro Kitamura
    Permanent Regional Representative in Japan

    Jazz Vocal Percussionist
    Vocal Music and Vocal Percussion
    Promoter & Educator

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    Angelina Choo-Sassarak
    Permanent Regional Representative in Singapore

    The A Cappella Society in Singapore,
    Founder and Director
    CASA Ambassador for Singapore

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    Kwok Tung Fung
    Permanent Regional Representative in Hong Kong

    Gay Singers, Leader The Contemporary
    A Cappella Society of Hong Kong, Chairman
    CASA Ambassador for Hong Kong

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    Sung Mo Han
    Permanent Regional Representative in Korea

    Korea A Cappella Association, Vice President
    Korea A Cappella Education Program, President
    Korea Chun Cheon A Cappella Festival, Chairman


    11F, No.35, Sec.1, Zhongxiao E. Rd., Zhongzheng Dist., Taipei City 10049, Taiwan
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    Shanghai CJCHT Culture and Art
    7F, Kunyang Bldg., No. 798 Zhaojaibang Rd., Xuhui Dist., Shanghai, 200030 China
  • aart
    11F, No.35, Sec.1, Zhongxiao E. Rd., Zhongzheng Dist., Taipei City 10049, Taiwan
  • a house
    A House Café
    No.18, Aly. 5, Ln. 107, Sec. 1, Fuxing S. Rd., Daan Dist., Taipei City 10697, Taiwan
    Shanghai Acappella Culture and Art
    7F, Kunyang Bldg., No. 798 Zhaojaibang Rd., Xuhui Dist., Shanghai, 200030 China