Drums of War (AU)

With explosive rap, soulful licks and a completely unique sound, Drums of War produces hip-hop and pop music with nothing but six voices.

Blasting onto the scene, Drums of War debuted at the Vocal Australia AUSACA 2015 Championship, competing against over 30 groups from around Australia and being crowned the National A Cappella Champions 2015, not to mention the multiple awards they received such as Best Vocal Percussionist, Best Contemporary Song and Best Soloist.

Following their success at the Australian Championships, Drums of War have appeared on Channel 7’s Sunrise and The Big Music Quiz, Channel 31’s 1700, as well as performing as part of music festivals and events around Victoria.

2016 saw Drums of War begin its international ventures competing in the invitation-only Asia Pacific A Cappella Championship League in Singapore. Battling with groups from Hong Kong, the Philippines, Taiwan and more, they placed 2nd overall and received awards for Best Stage Presence and Best Pop Arrangement.

Drums of War connect directly to their audience not only through busking on the streets, but by their rapidly developing online presence - regularly uploading a cappella videos to their Facebook and YouTube pages.

In 2018, their original song ‘Shadowboxing’ won ‘Best Hip-Hop song’ at the Contemporary A Cappella Recording Awards and the music video won ‘Best Video by a Professional Group’, with Pentatonix coming second.

Supporting and collaborating with acts such as Ginger and Tonic, Suade and Acapellago, Drums of War are expanding onto the world stage and pushing the boundaries of vocal music.





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