Seagull-K (TW)

Seagull-K is a Taiwanese vocal band formed in Hsinchu City, also known as the Windy City. With charming voices and a style of their own in arrangement, they sing original, classic, and pop songs through exquisite and powerful a cappella performances.

The band’s name is not only a homophonic pun of "It's O.K./It's alright" in Mandarin, but also a symbol of their initial dream, which is to give the audience courage and strength with their music.

Since 2009, Seagull-K has won many awards in Taiwan, Korea, and Hong Kong. They have had more than 400 performing experiences to date. They even set a record of going around Taiwan, performing a cappella music for 26 shows within 8 days.

Seagull-K also founded ”Hsinchu A Cappella Center”, and has been hosting “Vocal Only Festival” in Hsinchu every year.





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