Sonic Suite (DE)

Sonic Suite is a vocal band that has reached abroad European audience in its' short band history. With their unique pop, r´n´b and soul flavored sound and original music they take stages by storm, from Europe to Asia.

Using just the human voice – the most versatile and powerful instrument - Sonic Suite creates a musical experience that surprises and astonishes everybody who hears them. Their passion to push the boundaries of the voice leads them to finding new ways in todays musical landscape.

They add a special note to the show,
a new colour that enhances the experience.
(Interview with DJ BoBo)

Cheering and standing ovation –
The audience went wild in excitement.
(Osterländer Volkszeitung)

Glitter and glam in their voices,
a lot of emotions, excellent harmony,
an incredible experience in sound.
(Jeversches Wochenblatt)

These are voices that – to put it simple - are fantastic!
(Siegener Zeitung)

A natural feeling and a great deal of
authenticity are the core of this group.
The audience wouldn’t let them go off stage.
A dream like experience.
(Pforzheimer Kurier)





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