Postyr (DK)

Pioneering innovation in vocal music, Postyr create a distinctive and evocative sound world combining the human voice and electronics.

Singing catchy pop tunes, heartfelt ballads and experimental avant-garde pop, the five Danish singers take their audience on a journey that not only entertains, but captivates and intrigues the listener.


Growing up singing vocal music since early childhood the members of Postyr Project met through the inspiring musical environment that has emerged around the world famous Danish choir, Vocal Line, and the award winning vocal group, Vox 11.

The five-part vocal group, Postyr Project was founded due to a deep desire to explore the borderland between the softness and vitality of the human voice and the uncompromising roughness of electronic music. The five singers are doing this by creating new music written especially for this ensemble type and new arrangement techniques that make use of electronic equipment such as loop stations, kaoss pads, laptops with cutting edge music software.

Postyr Project was formed as a group in October 2009. In June, 2010 they released their first EP. Shortly thereafter the group won 1st prize at the competition of the SoleVoci A Cappella festival in Varese, Northern Italy. After returning to Denmark, Postyr Project appeared on Danish Television for the first time.

In May, 2011 Postyr Project released their debut album at the international Aarhus Vocal Festival. The album release was followed by several tours throughout Europe and appearances at various festivals.

In June, 2011 Postyr Project won 1st prize at the prestigious contest of vocal ensembles at Tampere Vocal Music Festival in Finland. This victory as well as the album release was followed by inquiries from international festivals and promoters throughout Europe, the US, Asia and Africa regarding tours in 2012 and 2013.

During 2011 and 2012 Postyr Project has been touring all over Europe, making concerts in Germany, Finland, Austria, The Netherlands, France, Sweden, Slovakia and of course in their home country, Denmark. Among many things Postyr Project was one of the main acts at The Real Group Festival in Stockholm, Sweden in August 2012.

Postyr Project writes the main part of their songs themselves and they continue exploring the possibilities of the ever evolving technical setup and making new arrangements.

The story of the final song on the debut album, "Walking" somehow summarizes the aim of the very album and the musical ambition of Postyr Project:

The song was inspired by a line tenor Andreas Bech picked up from his grandmother on the day of his grandfather’s passing. Upon a question about whether she had had a good life, she replied, that her life indeed had been full of so many different colours. They hadn't all been pretty, but at this point in her life she realized that she wouldn't have missed a single one of them.

The voice is probably the instrument in the world that has the most different sound colours. In music we tend to show only the pretty ones, but real life is different. If we want music to resemble who we really are, the roughness, the noise and other less pleasant matters must be allowed to be present in the soundscape. At first you may want to close your eyes and ears to it, but hopefully in time it is possible to
learn to enjoy the nature of all the colours, just like Andreas' grandmother does. Postyr Project strives to include all these colours in their music.





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