One Plus One Vocal Band (TW)

One Plus One 101

From out of this world, into yours

Founded in February 2009, the One Plus One (OPO) Vocal Band was born from an out of this world virtual realm – the Internet. The founder and current Chief, Tiny, recruited a group of 7 A Cappella enthusiasts from the most popular BBS in Taiwan, PTT. After progressing through a formative two years, the third generation OPO cast assembled in November 2010 and soon made its debut at the Taiwan Spring Vocal Festival in March 2011. Now, the increasingly active One Plus One Vocal Band is gaining momentum, emerging as one of the most rapidly-rising A Cappella groups in Taiwan.

Strangers in a strange land, unified by passion

Unlike other A Cappella groups, our new cast inherits the founding spirit of OPO without sharing any common background. However, thanks to the greatest invention of the 20th century, the Internet has again linked and bonded these 7 “strangers” from all walks of life together with their mutual passion in A Cappella. While OPO’s traditional discography consists of J-POP and animation music, the versatile group does not constrain itself and constantly broadens its repertoire to a wider range of music including Broadway musicals, classical chorus, jazz, and pop tunes.

"A Cappella has never been a one-man show"

This inspirational motto captures the core principles embodied in the group’s name, “One Plus One.” After all, only by combining in unison the voices of the entire cast, with different faces from different places, can we weave together a magical blend of harmony. The laws of mathematics do not work within our realm, as our energy creates synergy and the whole is greater than the sum of the parts; one plus one no longer equals two, rather “infinite possibilities of music.”

""We're singin' a cappella, do do do......"





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