The Exchange (US)

The Exchange is the newest American vocal boy band to hit the music scene. The group’s diversity means there is somebody for everybody. Competing on NBC’s The Sing Off, front-men Aaron Sperber, Jamal Moore, and beatboxer Richard Steighner joined with producer Chris Diaz, and director Alfredo Austin. With their genuine love for people and their talent for harmony, these young men repeatedly charm sell-out crowds and never stop working to inspire participation in schools through music.

Aaron Sperber
Aaron Sperber from New York is the leader of The Exchange. With an undeniable presence and an unapologetic dream to sell out arenas, work with the best musicians, and travel the globe, he is the driving force of the group. The baby of The Exchange, Aaron wins hearts everywhere he goes with his sweet tenor tones and his unwavering dedication to using music to change the world.

Alfredo Austin
Alfredo Austin from New England joined The Exchange as a director, accomplished performer, and studio musician. With a soaring voice, electric energy, and a sexy swagger, Fredo leaves a stunning impact in all that he does.

Christopher Diaz
Christopher Diaz from Virginia worked as a producer for NBC. He co-hosts a national podcast and joins The Exchange as a bass. His connection with music is deep rooted in family and he writes and arranges for the group. A lover of Indie music, expert in Russian literature, and Vocal Performance pedagogue, Chris is the heart of The Exchange.

Jamal Moore
Jamal Moore is the Southern soul of The Exchange, hailing from Georgia. Basketball player turned singer, this heart throb is the group’s go-to rapper, opera expert, and stylist. A true Southern gentleman, Jamal comes alive with stand-out lead performances.

Richard Steighner
Richard “Robot” Steighner, born in Denver, Colorado first broke the National stage on NBC competing against Aaron and Jamal on The Sing-Off. The standout beat boxer was praised for impeccable groove and style, but gained unique recognition for vocal sound effects. Robot started a furniture company, climbs mountains, and is rarely seen without a camera.





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