Acappuccino (SG)

In 2007, ACAPPUCCINO started as a group of friends who banded together to sing and perform, growing into a vocal group with its smooth blends and taste for the eclectic. The group mainly performs close-harmony, pop and contemporary music a cappella.

Acap (as friends often call them by) brings a fervent dedication and close friendship in their presentation of songs, with voices to create sounds and harmonies in song paired with their individual personalities. The general feel is friendly and warm – like how good music should be, but not boring.

The group held their first full concert, just the few of us, at the Esplanade Recital Studio in July 2011, and has appeared at various events around the country, performing before dignitaries as well as for the general public. The group has collaborated successfully with multiple choirs and vocal groups for performances and workshops.

After their 2013 International A Cappella Festival performance in Singapore, they will embark on their Friends+Music holiday tour to Hong Kong and Taipei to meet new friends, and present their music as a team.

Acappuccino is Derrick Kam, Chan Yuqin, Alvis Chioang, Soh Li Lin and Gerald Lee.





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