Republic-A (HK)

Republic-A is an active and vibrant a cappella group, founded on 2013 in Hong Kong, every member has extensive experience in performing a cappella in different events and countries. With the letter “A” representing “a cappella”’, the name “Republic-A” embodies the group’s vision to build a “republic of a cappella” and to spread the joy of a cappella to every audience. We believe that the human voice is the instrument closest to our heart, therefore a cappella is the most direct way to channel our passion towards music to the audience. This is the very reason why the group loves to arrange and perform a cappella. We welcome you, with our passion for music and our open hearts, to the republic of a cappella.

Group members:

Lee (Soprano) is an active member in the a cappella community since her undergraduate studies. She possesses abundant a cappella experience and has undertaken various master classes. As a Pisces (and naturally a hopeless romantic), she often expresses her thoughts and emotions by long, poetic speeches during rehearsals, which sometimes, just like in every musical, breaks into songs. In line with her romantic character, her wish is to sing a cappella with the other four members of Republic-A until the end of her life.

Chichi (Alto / Vocal Percussion) is a passionate choral singer ever since joining the school choir in high school. She has been an active member in numerous choirs in Hong Kong thereafter. While she may have a composed exterior, she is easily triggered by any jokes that are remotely funny and often laughs uncontrollably until she is breathless. A theory for her ever-deepening voice is her excessive laughing.

Jason (Tenor) is an ordinary white-collar who accidentally stumbled into the extraordinary world of a cappella back when he was a university student in the UK. He likes to take things to the extreme, be it his height, his frequency or his volume. Ad-lib is his life (albeit he has yet to master it) - he loves to shamelessly ad-lib all the time, and it matters not to him whether he is singing the melody or the ‘ooo’s and ‘ahh’s in the background.

Rise (Baritone / Bass / Vocal Percussion) is the eldest (and possibly the wisest) member of the group, and (consequently) he has the most experience within the group in performing a cappella music. He has performed around the world and has undertaken various master classes from top a cappella groups, including The Real Group and Riltons Vänner. He is currently a teacher in the Contemporary A Cappella Society of Hong Kong and Macau.

Justin (Bass / Vocal Percussion) is the youngest group member who fell hard in love with a cappella music when he was in high school. As a vocal percussion fanatic, he experiments with all sorts of bizarre sounds 24/7 (even in public), causing a lot of unnecessary attention and strange looks which he conveniently ignores. With a strong interest in arrangement, he often writes (overly) complicated arrangements that pose huge challenges to his fellow group members.





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