Thirty Eight Point Six Vocal Band (CN)

38.6 ℃ Vocal Band - shenzhen forerunner of aqua Bella, member five now, the main European and American pop music and Chinese music styles of pure vocals team.Was formally established on October 17, was founded in 2014, members of the group is preparing the past time by studied professional music, love of aqua Bella musicians. Although each member learned music professional different, but each member of A cappella the chorus form of the novel have unique insights.

Determine rise see a loving person, body temperature, but generally within the scope of the normal body temperature, according to the brain system psychological investigation, temperature rise to 37.1-37.8 ℃ under the euphoria is some in the heart, but rose to 38.6 ℃ in addition to the fever is only one kind of situation is normal, is love at first sight. So we want to read our performances of the audience, the audience will fall in love at first sight for us, can continue to support us!





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