The Wanted (TW)

The Wanted is a Taiwanese A cappella group. They won numerous international A cappella champions in their debut year, and is the first to release an original Mandarin Chinese album“Dear Adult”, which was awarded CASA (Contemporary A Cappella Society) Best Asian Album in 2020, and they were also nominated for the 32nd Golden Melody Award for the Best Vocal Group.

Their newest EP “1% Theory”, fully produced and composed on their own, is now released in 2021.They are known for their capacity to sing in various styles, always showing new possibilities in vocal music to their audience.

The Wanted’s trade mark is their vivid vocal performance and being able to effortlessly switch between solo and choir. They also excel in composing mashups that are very popular amongst their fans, using different solos to express various emotions and music dynamics. They also compose and write their own music, using vocal effects to bring A cappella music a modern and electronic sound.

As an A cappella group, they are definitely the new born star, ready to bring vocal music to a larger stage.





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