Zone D (HK)

Zone D is a male vocal group founded in 2010. It is formed by a group of big boys who are enthusiastic in a cappella. The name “Zone D” originates from the Mandarin pronunciation of “Brother” (Xiong Di). This symbolizes the brotherhood among them. Zone D also has another meaning: "Zone Of Never Ending Delights". They hope their a cappella music can always bring fun and enjoyment to their audience.

Zone D is good at performing a cappella in different styles, including Chinese and Western golden oldies, pop, jazz, swing, hip-hop, classical music, and so on. They can use their gifted voice to imitate various kinds of musical instruments and sound effects. Also, each brother in Zone D can re-arrange the music into style which is tailor-made to suit the context of each performance.

During these five years, Zone D has been actively involved in a cappella activities in Hong Kong. They have participated in Hong Kong International a cappella Contest 2011 and 2013, YMCA of Hong Kong 110th Anniversary Opening Ceremony, YMCA of Hong Kong China Service Project SMYK Charity Concert, Joint University Rotaract Club High Table Dinner 2011, Chinese YMCA of Hong Kong Christmas and Thanksgiving Dinner, a cappella Christmas Caroling 2011, Hong Kong International a cappella Marathon 2012, Hong Kong International a cappella Marathon 2015, Mobile a cappella 2015, HKFYG Jockey Club a cappella Education programme – a cappella Gala 2015, Tsuen Wan Fun Fair Closing Ceremony 2015, Neighbourhood Reunion Meal 2015. Zone D has also been interviewed and introduced by some magazines, such as “The 20s” and “AV Biweekly”. In December 2015, Zone D has produced and performed a series of three a cappella concerts: “Zone D Di Song Di Ba Du”. Due to the enthusiastic response, tickets were sold out within 3 days.





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