Cocktail (HK)

Founded in 2013, Cocktail is home to a group of young a cappella enthusiasts. Since then, it has strived to inject more vitalities and bring infinite possibilities to the art. We are named “Cocktail” as we believe that human voices are, like wines of different kinds, distinctive and special. Through the collaboration of each of our members’ unique voice, we wish to dazzle our audience with a glass of cocktail of audio and visual awe.

In order to better itself, Cocktail has been mentored by renown international teams, including Ommm and Naturally 7, as well as outstanding individuals like Mr. Chu Yuen-lei, the Father of a cappella in Taiwan.

Cocktail has also performed in various events like “Mobile A Cappella in a community”, “A Cappella Gala”, “SuperHero Run”, and “Art at Dusk”. For three years, we have toured local schools to promote the culture of a cappella.

Furthermore, Cocktail has received Gold Award in the 2015 Hong Kong International a cappella Festival (open group - vocal band category). In the 2013 Music With You Singing Contest, Cocktail has also won the champion and the title of “Best Stage Presentation’ award.





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