Women of the World (US)

Women of the World is a collective of innovative musicians from across the globe. With members representing Japan, Italy, India, Haiti, Mexico, Brazil, Serbia, Canada and the United States of America, the 10-piece core ensemble performs folk and traditional music in 23 of the world's languages.

Women of the World was born from a dream to bring musicians from across the globe onto a common creative platform, musicians who not only work and perform together, but who learn from each other, exploring each other’s culture, language, food, and traditions by interacting closely on a daily basis.

Currently a ten-piece ensemble, Women of the World performs a vast and varied repertoire of folk and traditional music in more than 23 of the world's languages.

Since their beginnings in 2008, the ensemble has received accolades and collaborated with many renowned musicians, including Grammy Award-winning vocalist Bobby McFerrin, and African vocal icon Angelique Kidjo.

With performances at the Blue Note Jazz Club, Carnegie Hall, the Boston Symphony Hall, the Berklee BeanTown Jazz Festival, TEDxBoston, and United Nations events, Women of the World continues to spread the message of peace and unity through music.

Ayumi Ueda (Japan)
Giorgia Renosto (Italy)
Annette Philip (India)
Deborah Pierre (USA/Haiti)





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