Unlimited tone (JP)

Unlimited Tone is a three-man vocal team brought together by a shared passion to deliver and explore vocal harmony - a style of music they define as “rich and tasteful layering of voices”.

Lovingly nicknamed “Unlimi” by their fans, the trio consists of members Dody (right), Luz (left), and Ryohei (center).

Each having built up successful careers as individual artists, all three members contribute to the group in both songwriting and arranging.

The group is known for their “unplugged” performance style, where the members accompany themselves on guitar and piano. Featuring other talented vocalists at times, Unlimited Tone showcases a wide variety of sound colors with their cleverly constructed harmonies and a cappella arrangements.

Combined with honest lyrics that speak straight to the heart, the power of expression held in their “tone” holds “unlimited” possibilities.

Their music has been featured in many advertisements such as Taisei Corporation’s TV commercial produced by world-renowned director Makoto Shinkai best known for the anime film “Your Name”, TV commercial for Google Play Music, and the opening theme for the popular anime TV series “Tanaka-kun is Always Listless”.

Contact Person : Kenjiro Okada
Contact E-mail : [email protected]





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