The award-winning vocal band ONAIR (Berlin, Germany) is one of the shooting stars in the world of a cappella music.ONAIR exploded onto the scene in 2013 and have fast established themselves as one of Europe’s most exciting a cappella groups.

Well on their way to the elite of the world’s vocal ensembles, ONAIR have been racking up 1st prizes in vocal ensemble competitions ever since their début in 2013. They were the winners of contests in
Aarhus (2013), Graz (2013), Taiwan (2014), Tampere (2015), Moscow (2018 and 2019 – GRAND PRIX) and were awarded with 2 CARAs inthe US.

ONAIR is known for artful vocal arrangements, for an intense energy and stage presence and strong emotional connection between the singers on stage as well as a for a powerful, transparent even
sometimes ethereal sound.

With lavish interpretations of songs by rock and pop icons such as Led Zeppelin, Prince, Queen and Whitney Houston, expect a show full of innovation and drama.

ONAIR comprises: André Bachmann (tenor), Kristofer Benn (bass), Marta Helmin (soprano), Jennifer Kothe (soprano), Patrick Oliver (baritone, vocal percussion).





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