Voco Novo A Cappella Group (TW)

At the end of 2009, five singers with different musical background came together and started Voco Novo A Cappella Group, with goals to create a new sound and collaborate with different art forms in Taiwan. “Voco Novo” literally means “New Voices”, and we hope to touch the audience’s hearts with the music we create.

With only a few years of experience, Voco Novo has already won many awards, among which includes “Best Solo” Award at the “2010 Seoul International A Cappella Competition”; “Gold Diploma” and “Han-Guang Best Performance” and “Han-Guang Best Arrangement” in “2011 Taiwan International A Cappella Festival”. “Gold Diploma 3rd prize” in Pop category, “Gold Diploma 2nd prize” in Jazz category, and “Best Arrangement” in 2012 vokal.total. International A Cappella Competition, Graz, Austria; 2013 CARA "Best Asian Album" and "Best Folk/World Song runner-up" (Across the Milky Way).

Voco Novo not only tours around Taiwan, but also has performed abroad, including Korea, Hong Kong, China, Austria, Germany, and Sweden.

Collaboration with other art forms helps Voco Novo create music. In December 2011, the theater-a-cappella show “Earth Songs” was produced and premiered in Taipei, Taiwan, opening up a new vision of a cappella music in Asia. We hope to bring you on a journey where music can be seen, and images can be heard.

Singers: Nora Lee, Christine Liu, Stanley Huang, Daniel Chen





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