Double Chin (TW)

First pure male voice in the field of choral art into popular music ensembles vocal groups-"double chin singers", since its inception, almost every year a representative performance with new arrangement under the double chin singers and a variety of attempts and interpretations, traditional choral more approachable and without prejudice to its historical value, making pop music with a more refined look to assert its charm.

Although members are just hobby amateur singers, we practice regularly and have professional spirits. Our repertoire includes pop/jazz/film song/folk, and native, Aboriginal ballads. To commit to ensembles atmosphere of extended, convey the concept of "classical music popularization, and pop music exquisite" .

Double Chin hosted the first Taiwan vocal ensemble competition, many groups of Taiwan starting to sing in vocal groups style since, now hosting by Taiwan Choral Music Center for many years and gain tremendous echo and has became well known international vocal group competition.

You can say Double chin is Taiwan Godfather level of groups, despite rising star shining bright, but always like a warm sun, warm all chorus-loving friends, we look forward to continue supporting Taiwan choral art and create a new vitality through double chin music and philosophy.



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