The Idea of North (AU)

The Idea of North is a contemporary a cappella quartet, with a repertoire steeped in jazz but comfortably crossing over into pop, gospel, folk and comedy.

"I don't like jazz and I don't like a cappella, but I LOVE The Idea of North!" (Fan quote of the year, 2007)

"...musical arrangements spectacular in their conception and delivery... truly a "sight and sound" experience of the highest calibre." (Don Burrows, Australian jazz legend)

Formed originally in 1993, four friends from the Canberra School of Music (Australian National University) started hanging out together and singing from time to time. There was coincidentally a bass, a tenor, an alto and a soprano in the group. It made for some sweet sounding jam sessions.

The jam sessions turned into arrangements, and the arrangements eventually turned into the group's debut self-titled CD of 1997.

In 1998 the group took a bold step and decided to prioritise The Idea of North as their #1 endeavour. It was tough, but with no dependents, no 'real' jobs and a lot of passion for the music, it was the perfect time to jump in the deep end.

A move to Sydney in 1999 saw the group start to work more, collaborating with some of Australia's best jazz musicians, including James Morrison and Don Burrows, and having both these players appear as guest artists on their 2nd CD, 'The Sum of Us', from 2001.

In 2002 Naomi joined as the new alto, and the group went from strength to strength, releasing the best-selling album 'Here & Now' through ABC Jazz, and winning the 2003 'Harmony Sweepstakes' - USA's biggest open a cappella competition.

The group released further albums in 2004 (Evidence), 2006 (The Gospel Project) and a DVD in 2007 (Live at the Powerhouse), and have become Australia's preeminent contemporary a cappella ensemble.

With Trish deciding to not return from maternity leave, February 2008 saw Sally become the group's new (and very welcome) permanent soprano.

Touring Australia and the world for 3-4 months of each year, The Idea of North have now an extensive fan base throughout Australia, Europe and Asia, and their unique sound and exhilarating arrangements continue to enthrall audiences wherever they go.





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