ManSound (UA)

ManSound celebrates the versatility of the human voice. Their harmonious accordance, amazing vocal skills, rich timbre palette, emotion and naturalness make the group a favorite among admirers of high-quality vocal music. They have received recognition by audiences and music critics all over the world.

ManSound, an a cappella sextet from Kiev, Ukraine, got its start in 1994 as an idea of composer and arranger Vladimir Mikhnovetsky. The group consists of experienced professionals and it is a permanent participant of international jazz festivals and concerts.

From the beginning of the group, they have travelled far and wide, performing with great success. The group gave several dozen concerts in four states on the West Coast of the United States in 1996, performing for churches and universities. In February of 2000, ManSound performed at one of the biggest jazz events in the USA, the Lionel Hampton Jazz Festival, following the invitation of Lionel Hampton himself. They also performed in 2002 and 2003, delighting the participants of their daily workshops and crowds of 5000 at the nightly performances. Since 1994 ManSound took part in more then 60 International festivals all over the world.

In July of 2002, Mansound participated in the International A Cappella Competition for Jazz and Pop Ensembles "Vokal.Total" in Graz, Austria. Mansound won first place in the Jazz Category winning over participants from eight European countries, and the USA, and taking home the coveted “Ward Swingle Award”. Ward Swingle, founder of the Swingle Singers, the first A Cappella group, and the jury chairman said of ManSound, “The variety of their repertoire is very impressive”.

ManSound’s mission is to celebrate God’s many good gifts, among which is the awesome flexibility of the human voice. Because of their versatility and desire to share their music with people, ManSound was warmly received in numerous countries. They embrace a wide variety of musical genres and styles to appeal to a very diverse audience. With energetic jazz pieces, powerful spiritual and folk songs, they produce a style of their own.

Over the years ManSound has recorded six albums and one single. Each of them was recognized by Contemporary A cappella Recording Awards (CARAs).

In 2010 ManSound celebrates it’s 15th anniversary. Throughout the years ManSound has toured and performed in Germany, France, Austria, Italy, Switzerland, Holland, Estonia, Lithuania, Kazakhstan, Azerbaijan, Georgia, Russia, Belorussia and the USA.





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