The Real Group (SE)

The Real Group is a professional a cappella ensemble from Sweden, in constant development since the formation 24 years ago. TRG is one of the leading forces in the world of vocal music today. 

Through the years, the members have been engaged in a variety of activities - concert performances, events, CD/DVD-recordings, song-writing, arranging, score publishing, CD-production for other artists, master-classes/workshops, seminars, etcetera.

The Real Group has been groundbreaking in the vocal group genre. Early in the group's 25-year history an own style was developed, with compositions and arrangements by the group members.

TRG has procuced a large number of records, dvd's, concert tours, TV programs, and has been (and are) artistic directors of two vocal group festivals: The Real A Cappella Festival in Sweden (2008), and Amazing Voice in South Korea (2007, 2008).

Recently a CD was released, with compositions by legendary Swedish song writer Povel Ramel.
The repertoire consists of a mix of jazzy vocal music, that sometimes leans towards folk music, and sometimes towards pop.

The typical concert with TRG is a two-set a cappella show.

TRG also has a program with symphony orchestra, to which some of Sweden and Norway's finest arrangers have contributed with arrangements written especially for the combination. This concert was latest performed in Dalhalla (Sweden) with Norrköping's Symphony Orchestra, prior to that we had two performances with KORK; The Norwegian Radio Orchestra.

Through the years the list of collaborations have been many. For example: Roland Pöntinen, Barbara Hendricks, Povel Ramel, Eric Ericson, Toots Thielemans, Esbjörn Svensson, Lisa Nilsson, Lill Lindfors, Titiyo.



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