MayTree (KR)

MayTree was organized in the year of 2000. May Tree is the one top mixed a cappella group in Korea, known for their outstanding arrangement and high quality blending harmony. MayTree has sung at the opening of the 'the Real Group' concert twice at Sejong Center and had a successful joint concert with them once in Seoul. Maytree was the first, and yet the only a cappella group that has passed a particular examination of Seoul Arts center, the place that only provides space for the representative artists of each genre, and Maytree has held a concert at that place 5 times successfully. They stand unchallenged in the Korean A cappella. They tread the stages as a young and fresh a cappella group, also they spare their schedule for music programs on broadcast and recordings for CM Songs. MayTree is a delicate, powerful, energetic group. They're always thinking about many ways of expressing music with the human voice. And they have come up to this place with just their own effort. Maytree is a passionate and hard working a cappella group. 





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