City Singers (CN)

City Singers has organized by students of XMU(Xiamen University) in February 2009. They sing acappella in a wide music style including folk song, jazz, pop etc. They have a passion for popularizing acappella in China, so they are doing lots of things for it!

First of all, for improving their awareness and ability they have been participating in many singing competitions and have won awards and titles from them. And they also took a series of acappella master class which is teaching by many professional groups and educators. Since gaining the recognition of the media and the public, they have been invited to a variety of TV and radio show and performed with star singers ”Lisa ono”, “Huang Yali”, “Zhou Bichang” ect. In addition, they joined many public activities such as “Performance at Shanghai Expo”, “Activity for Earth Hour” and so on.
Their mainly activities for popularizing acappella are their acappella concerts and public business called ”Aca-music Weekend”. Since their first acappella concert in Xiamen June 2010, they have held several acappella concerts regularly with many amateur groups and professional groups from China (including HK) and overseas, “AHA” from Shanghai, “Songbird” from HK, “The Free Play Duo” from Canada and so on. Their acappella concerts are always received with great enthusiasm because audiences can enjoy acappella musics for free in their concerts. In matters of “Aca-music Weekend”, it is a business what City Singers throw their heart and soul into. This class is held every Saturday, and is open to the public.

They have a slogan: Walk and Sing Acappella with the whole world as our stage. Please pay continuous attention to their future job as a propagator of acappella in China.





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