Vocal Asia Festival 2015: Day 4-5, Aca Day at Metro City! (3/3)

Origin From : The VoiceBox
Author : Derrick KAM
Date : 2015.09.14

Last I wrote, we were ushered into the bus, which took awhile before leaving for our hotel, after which Team  Singapore chilled out over some snacks bought together and of course drinks (beer involved) while just talking about how fun it had been.

In reality, we slept early nonetheless and woke up for breakfast before heading for warm ups with Leo Tsai (of the Vocal Balance System), which was followed by another Naturally 7 opener – this time we get into the singing with Naturally 7.

Juliana Baron from VocalBlog has taken a short video of that morning’s singing.

Another one by Vocal Asia.

The atmosphere was cool, and very comfortable as we know that everybody was looking forward to the little public performance that was happening at Metro City this evening.

Before that happened, we were all busy following up with various workshops happening, with Leo’s lesson on emotional expression in performances and after lunch, arranging without scores with Ray. Both workshops were very well thought out for performers on every level.

We were whisked off to Metro City, both performers and participants. It was refreshing to be somewhere else besides the cafes, the arts centre and our hotel. The mall felt like Paragon meets Funan meets Raffles City, it was nicely segregated, from high end goods, to cute stuff and then another department for all the techie stuff.

Meanwhile, the mall was packed with people, A Cappella fans or not to watch the performances by various groups, including this guest group from a high school (which I forgot!). Also, the Shanghai Single Singers performed alongside all groups present at VAF.

Of course, I have the fortunate blessing of height, which was great to capture videos for.

NANU’s performance was well-received at the mall, evident by the reciprocation the audience showed, from loud cheers to also the crowd that gathered around slightly as they made their way out.

Some shopping and chilling was done before we were whisked back to our hotel (the lovely Rayfont Xuhui Hotel), and we were treated to wonderful food as part of the farewell party, as tomorrow would be the last day of the festival.

Christine Liu (Voco Novo) leading a circle song while EXIT sets up behind at the party. There were so many ad hoc performances put up at the party.

From a dance item (and he’s only 15!)…

To a vocal percussionist showcase!

Indeed it was a very fun evening, with everybody just enjoying time together with great food, and company!

The next day, we were all prepared for the last day of workshops and the Gala concert, featuring Naturally 7 and Deltacappella!

On the bus back to the Arts centre for the last time – packed day for three workshops before the gala concert!

That morning would be the second time I met the guys from Deltacappella, who shared on “imprecision in an age of musical perfection”. In layman’s term, there has to be a certain looseness when it comes to performing music – people want to feel good about what they see, of course provided the music has been tuned and polished.

Following which, we all went for Ray’s lesson on Vocal Jazz which was interactive and we had a few good laughs while practising the scats and the phrasings.

The last workshop was with Deke Sharon about Group Dynamics, heavily participated (no question why not) and choked with questions. Also ongoing was part deux of Kaichiro’s jazz vocal percussions class.

After the buzz, we headed off for a quick dinner and got back in time for the Gala Concert, featuring Deltacappella, Naturally 7 and also this year’s Asia Cup champions, The Wanted!

Also at the Gala Concert, the Vocal Asia flag was handed to the Mayor of Taitung as a mark of handover – as the next VAF will be held in Taitung!

Then, the music started – each group really lead up the next performer. There was the youthful and emotional performance by The Wanted.

Followed by shenanigans Deltacappella with their infectious fun-time – which we really had a good time with…

Nobody can deny that Naturally 7 really wrapped things up for the entire audience, who was on their feet at the end of the concert!

After the concert, all VAF participants were invited onstage for a grand photoshoot with EVERY GROUP and all important personnels!

My time at Shanghai was very well-spent learning from the experts, as well as mingling with other Asian a cappella performers who really gave insight and invaluable experience to my work as an A Cappella performer. I’m very sure Miyu enjoyed herself – though rarely captured in action by my camera – singing with the Single Singers, being part of a huge movement in Asia, rather than just looking within Singapore really gave new perspectives.

Many thanks to The A Cappella Society (who was graciously supported by the Singapore Internationale Foundation and National Arts Council) who allowed us to tag along with NANU, THANK YOU ALEX AND ANGIE!

Also a shoutout to Clare Chen, Chen Wuming, Christine Liu, Ella Jheng, Zoe Chen and the many people behind the scenes at Vocal Asia who made sure that all of us enjoyed the festival; to NANU: Dina, Deborah, Hidaya and Gerald for allowing us to bother them throughout the trip together as Team Singapore; to Naturally 7 for humbling us with your awesomeness and sharing; to Deltacappella for being so suave and fun to work with.

A last shoutout to everybody I’ve met at the festival: the men of Mixter (Vocal Asia’s Kevin inclusive), The Wanted and their awesome mentor Ms Liu, City Singers (Ding Ding, Xu Cong, whom I’ve met 5-6 years back at the HK A Cappella Gala), O-Kai’s very own Jia Ching, Japan’s Resonance, Kaichiro, Korea’s The Present and more whom I’m unable to recall off the top.

Taitung 2016, I’ll be there. Verily certain!



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