Vocal Asia Festival

2013 Vocal Asia Festival - TIAF Concert

Posted by Vocal Asia editors

【8/24 Sat. 19:30-21:30 】
- All participating groups of festival are welcomed to sing and share their music. (2-4 songs are required.)   
*The timetable will be announced on August 12.

【8/25 Sun. 15:30-17:30 】
- Recommended groups of Hong Kong, Japan, Korea, Singapore and Taiwan. 
- Single Singers 
- Free Play Duo.   
*The timetable will be announced on August 12.

The Outdoor Arena, is comprised of a semi-circular stage that can accommodate at least 50 people at any given time and stepped seating for up to 600. 

【8/25 Sun. 19:30-21:30】 
- Okai Singers 
- Rajaton 

The Arts Center Square, an open area which can contain seating up to 1500.



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