Vocal Asia Festival

2013 Vocal Asia Festival
The Documentary

Posted by Vocal Asia editors

"2013 Vocal Asia Festival" was held in Taoyuan, Taiwan and many groups from all over Asia attended and made friends through singing.  You will find much love and sharing throughout the fourteen-minute video.

Many regional representatives from all around the world was invited to the a cappella forum, and they discussed the network of different countries. In terms of workshops, there are many courses offered and students learned a lot. Besides, people who came alone could attend the course called "Single Singers" and sing together, learn together and make friends with each other.

FreePlay Duo (Canada), Kaichiro Kitamura (Japan), and a cappella groups from Taiwan, Hong Kong, Japan, and Korea shared their music at the "Open Air Concert." O-Kai Singers (Taiwan) and Rajaton (Finland) gave us a music feast in the final evening of Vocal Asia Festival.



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