A Cappella in the Red Dot
Diversity (Pre-Inspiration)

Posted by Derrick ( The leader and tenor of Acappuccino, a Singapore-based A Cappella group. He spends time teaching, reading, writing, and singing. He occasionally wishes he could still sing a decent Alto range like he used to. )

The sound of Singapore’s A Cappella scene is relentless in this time and age - considering the diversity of sounds and culture we have here.

Forming a group in Singapore isn’t that easy in my opinion - we all to be different, even if we were doing the same song - evident by the plethora of arrangements available. Each group looks up to another and the cycle continues that builds each other.

I’ve decided to break this into two parts, one with the groups that were established prior to Acappuccino being formed, and my inspiration behind the soundscape I’m inspired to always recreate with the choirs and groups I meet.

1. Budak Pantai

They have recently announced their “retirement” from performing and I really wish it was just a ruse. Budak was really one of the most established and longest-running A Cappella act, despite adding a guitar to their performance for the past few years, these guys are still wonderful with their funny infusions.

Check out this video of Delilah - where they infused local-translated lyrics from the original:

2. In-A-Chord

These 6 men are smooth crooners, having performed with Sandy Lam when she did a concert in Singapore - I wasn't there, but the news were big about it. Also the first A Cappella group in the country to be signed by a foreign label, In-A-Chord is reuniting for one last concert this month.

3. nanu

5 sassy ladies taking on A Cappella. I caught wind of them when they were doing the vocal jam at the (then) [email protected] every Thursdays. They were the definitive women of A Cappella, handling Madonna, Janet Jackson, as well as the sweetness of The Corrs, and local songbird, Stephanie Sun.

The members in the line up have changed since (they’re current a mixed group of young vocalists) but with technology, we were able to still catch the last line up of all-female vocalists with an original by established singer-songwriter 邱意淋 Bevlyn Khoo:

4. Rewind

Formed by past members of the Singapore Armed Forces Music and Drama Company, Rewind was performs pop with a boy-band appeal. They appeared on Urban Infusion, an album of Singapore songs produced by the A Cappella Fanatix Club (now The A Cappella Society).

5. Vocaluptuous

What used to be a 9-member group, the current line up of 6 members presents world music and Jazz with their reinvention of local folk songs, also with originals. Vocaluptuous was also nominated for Best Holiday Song at the 2002 CARAs (Joyful, Joyful/Joy To The World Medley). What I enjoy from Vocaluptuous is their calm and cool appeal as they perform.

6. Key Elements

in 2003, Key Elements was founded and they were the only group doing standard jazz pieces which was a fresh take for the local vocal scene, and they were also the first group to compete overseas. Recently nominated for 3 CARAs, they’re also heading for Vokal Total in Graz this July, all the best!!

Catch their latest original from theitr album, UNCOVERED:

Next, I’ll share the new and current, and even upcoming groups that are in the local community!



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