Vocal Asia Festival

Vocal Asia Festival 2015: Day 1, Asian Cup 2015 (1/3)

Origin From : The VoiceBox
Author : Derrick KAM
Date : 2015.08.13

The year wouldn’t end for A Cappella in Asia without the annual Vocal Asia Festival, and besides being given the chance to attend it with NANU and fellow Acappuccino member, Miyu, I am glad TVB has approached me to write about my time at the festival, which I’ll split into 3 parts.

In its 5th year, the festival’s programme included the second Asian Cup as well as its usual series of workshops, as well as providing the chance for participants to rub shoulders with A Cappella stars like The Real Group, Freeplay Duo, SLIXS, Rajaton, and The Idea of North.

Held in Shanghai this year, the Shanghai Mass Arts Centre plays host to five exciting days of A Cappella pyrotechnics with guests groups Naturally 7 and DeltaCappella (both from the U.S.) amidst its schedule of workshop instructors from Asia. With favourites like Jazz vocal percussionist Kaichiro Kitamura (Japan) to the sage-like Ray Chu (Taiwan) sharing their knowledge in various fields of vocal and A Cappella music, participants will be absorbed into the community. 

After a long transit via Hong Kong and finally reaching Shanghai, NANU was whisked away for their soundcheck for the second Asian Cup, the resident A Cappella Competition that will feature groups from various Asian countries.

Being feature at the Star Stage within the arts centre are nine groups that formed the line up of this edition (in order of performance):

Seagull-K Vocal Band 海鷗K 人聲樂團 (Taiwan)
Mixter 漫聲 (Taiwan)
The Present (Korea)
Wing Band 翼樂團 (China) 
NANU (Singapore)
City Singers 醒耳 人聲樂團 (China)
The Wanted 尋人啟事 (Taiwan)
Resonance (Japan) 
Mosaic (Hong Kong)

Each team really gave their best, despite their tiredness and other circumstances, and team Singapore wasn’t lacking in the problem department: NANU’s bass had pulled out of the competition but they persisted, with Ms Angelina Choo (Singapore’s representative, also NANU’s founding member) to step in for their last song as vocal bass. 

With differing styles as well, the panel of judges had time to deliberate their decision after all 9 teams had performed. Audiences were also treated by a dazzling performance by the first Asian Cup’s champion EXIT (Korea).

Results of the Second Asian Cup

3rd Place: City Singers 醒耳 人聲樂團 (China) 
2nd Place: The Present (Korea) 
Judge’s Special Prize: NANU (Singapore) 
1st Place: The Wanted 尋人啟事 (Taiwan)

It is definitely encouraging to see NANU’s recognized effort of not giving up despite the adversity of having a member pulling out prior to the competition and working hard to make it work out. NANU has gone out to wow the audiences with their appeal through the next few days, more of which I will be covering as well.

Of course I wouldn’t let the day end without a picture of NANU with Ms Angelina Choo, Deke Sharon, Miyu and I post-awards ceremony. All of us were tired from the travelling more than the competition, and all were happy for the hard work and effort put in.   

Do stay tune as I’ll be updating about the following few days at VAF2015!



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