Vocal Asia Festival 2015 – Impressions of Day 4

Origin From : Vocal Blog
Author : Juliana Baron
Date : 2015.09.19

Every moment is just so special – Juliana’s first-hand impressions of the Vocal Asia Festival 2015

And here comes part 4 of my VAF 2015 diary:

Day 4: an impressive experience to sing and entertain people on four levels of a shopping mall

Sat (Aug 8), after the warm up session with Leo Tsai, everyone had another chance to sing with Naturally 7: „Meet and sing with N7“. Needless to say, we all had a blast. Check out the snapshot video of „Rivers of Babylon“.

Workshop  „Meet and sing with N7“

This afternoon, there was not so much time to join the workshops and group coaching sessions as a lot of the participating groups were performing at the ACA Day Concert in Shanghai’s Metro City, a huge shopping mall with four levels’ view onto the stage in B1. With my local group A-CAism, I had the honor to open the ACA Day event. It was astonishing how fast all levels filled with an interested and curious audience who would stay and grow even more during the 3 hours concert. It was an impressive experience to sing and entertain people on four levels around us and above our heads. The audience coming late were struggling to catch a good view. Some were taking the escalator up and down several times to enjoy a better sight.

The atmosphere in the shopping mall was excellent. Despite or because most of them wouldn’t know a cappella, the audience was stunned of the musical diversity and the power of pure voices. Regardless of which city or country the groups performing came from, regardless of which music style they performed, each group received a big hand and cheering echoing through the halls of the shopping mall.

The final performance was by DeltaCappella, the VAF’s special guests from Memphis. It was their first performance on this Shanghai trip and they were obviously a little nervous how the Chinese audience would receive their music. But no need to worry. DeltaCappellawas just amazing and the audience immediately fell for them.

Exhausted we headed back to our hotel for the Farewell Party, yes, it was already the last evening. Some technical constraints wouldn’t keep a party room full of a cappella lovers from singing. DeltaCappella, EXIT and a charming group of Vocal Asia staff and volunteers performed as well as the „walking jazz drum kit“ Kaichiro Kitamura and the amazing VP talent Fishball. You shouldn’t provide plastic cups at an a cappella party, if you don’t fancy Pitch Perfect’s Cup Song. It was great fun to mix up with Chinese, Taiwanese, Korean, Japanese, American, Singapore and Hongkong people at a round table and just start to sing and do the cup percussion.

Watch the snapshot recording by Roger Thomas from Naturally 7.



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