VA Compilation

First A Cappella Compilation in Taiwan

Posted by Vocal Asia editors

Taiwan's very first album of selected vocal repertoire has brought a new sensation to music lovers.  

Whether you are a novice or an expert of A Cappella, let this album be your gateway to A Cappella music.

Consisting of songs from 8 different musical genres, this album has included elements of electronic, rock and roll, lyrical, pop, jazz, bossa nova, Taiwan aboriginal, and folk music.  You will also hear imitation of percussion instruments that will blow you away. 

1. Going to Paris / Voco Novo  A Cappella Group 3:30
2. Freedom / Sirens Vocal Band 3:13
3. Dedication / VA Singers 2:53
4. Picnic / MSG A Cappella 3:32
5. Sinramat Simu Balay / O-Kai Singers 2:59
6. Missing you / Semiscon Vocal Band 4:05
7. The same moon light / The Public Bath House 4:54
8. Sing to the world / VA Singers 2:44



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