Vocal Asia Festival

2013 Vocal Asia Festival - Announcement


Due to typhoon No.12, Trami, there might be a possibility to cause the government to suspend works and classes. Therefore, if Taoyuan County Government releases an official suspension order, and caused the Vocal Asia Festival to suspend classes, Vocal Asia Festival will refund the fee according to the ratio to the suspended classes to the total classes. In addition, if your flight was delayed, because of the cause of the weather, which leads to the inability to participate our classes, please ask the flight company to issue an official delay certificate. Vocal Asia Festival will calculate the ratio to the affected classes to the total classes to refund the fee.


Attention!  Kaichiro Kitamura's "Music and Vocal Percussion" workshop is rescheduled to August 23 at 7:30pm.  Please inform the VAF staff if you wish to take this workshop.  In the original workshop slot, all participants are free to join the "Meet n Sing with Rajaton" workshop.


Unfortunately Deke Sharon won't be joining us this year at the festival due to the Sing-Off taping in the US. His arranging workshop will be taught by the "A Cappella Arranging" book co-writer Dylan Bell; The CD production workshop will be an open discussion session.


If you are looking for a place to stay during the festival, you might be interested in this!
The Well Garden Hotel is collaborating with Vocal Asia Festival by offering a special rate for participants of festival.
For more information please check here!                



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