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5. Under the Tung Blossom Tree  |  Voco Novo

L&M:Hsiu-Ju Ku & Yu-Wei Hsieh  /  Arr.:Christine Liu  /   Producer:Iansen, Christine Liu, Andrew Yeh  /  Recording Engineer:Iansen, Christine Liu  /  Mixing Engineer:Iansen, Christine Liu   

Under the Tung blossom tree, have you heard?
Under the Tung blossom tree, filled with flowers.
When people walk by, those red and white flowers fall in front of you, on your shoulders, and under your feet.
Under the Tung blossom tree, there is a tailor shop.
Under the Tung blossom tree, there is an old tailor.
The number of dresses he has made for the pretty girls is countless like the flowers outside the door.
Under the Tung blossom tree, right under the Tung blossom tree...

6. Atayal Yearning Song  |  O-Kai Singers

L&M:Chuen-Mu Gao /  Arr.:Andy Jaffe & Jia-Ching Lai  /  Producer:JiaChing Lai  /  Recording Engineer:Dzih-Long Hong  / Mixing Engineer:Gábor Molnár   

All my friends who I yearn
We are family
We should always remember the words of God

No matter where you are
We must remember the Words of God
He will guard our hearts and minds



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