Vocal Asia Festival

2013 Vocal Asia Festival - Announcement


由於第12號颱風”潭美”接近台灣,可能導致政府發佈停班停課命令。因此,若桃園縣政府發佈停止上班上課命令,導致Vocal Asia Festival停課,Vocal Asia Festival會根據停課比例退費。若您的班機因天候因素導致延後,而無法參與Vocal Asia Festival課程,請向航空公司索取延後證明,Vocal Asia Festival將會依受影響課堂數比例退費。


Attention!  Kaichiro Kitamura's "Music and Vocal Percussion" workshop is rescheduled to August 23 at 7:30pm.  Please inform the VAF staff if you wish to take this workshop.  In the original workshop slot, all participants are free to join the "Meet n Sing with Rajaton" workshop.


Unfortunately Deke Sharon won't be joining us this year at the festival due to the Sing-Off taping in the US. His arranging workshop will be taught by the "A Cappella Arranging" book co-writer Dylan Bell; The CD production workshop will be an open discussion session.


If you are looking for a place to stay during the festival, you might be interested in this!
The Well Garden Hotel is collaborating with Vocal Asia Festival by offering a special rate for participants of festival. 
For more information please check here!                



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