Single Singers @Shanghai
Let's Sing Together

Time:Every Saturday at 14:30-16:30 from February 15th, 2014
Address:3F,No. 125 Guyi Rd., Xuhui Dist., Shanghai, 200030 China

Why is it special?

The courses are interesting. The teachers will teach and share with you pleasantly. There are warm-up, review, explanation of music theory and new subject in each course. Besides, you have time to ask and talk with teachers and members. Every month, there is a special class for everyone. ( vocal percussion and etc. )

What is the purpose?

Let here become the home of a cappella fans in Shanghai. Let everyone who loves music and a cappella sing together in a good and easy way. Let's build the happy place with good atmosphere to make friends through singing a cappella!

As long as you love a cappella, you can come here! We are looking forward to seeing you in Single Singers @ Shanghai.

For more information and registration: Shanghai Acappella Culture and Art
Tel: +86-021-51793753 
Email: [email protected]
Address:7F, Kunyang Bldg., No. 798 Zhaojaibang Rd., Xuhui Dist., Shanghai, 200030 China



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