VoiceJam A Cappella Festival 2015

VoiceJam A Cappella Festival

A new contemporary a cappella competition & festival coming to Northwest Arkansas April 10 -11, 2015!

Competition Registration Now Open!
Winning group performs at Vocal Asia Festival in Shanghai, China!


VoiceJam, a new festival produced by Walton Arts Center, will feature regional, national and international a cappella ensembles in a contemporary vocal harmony showcase. Hosted by Deke Sharon, who was recently dubbed by Entertainment Weekly as “the father of contemporary a cappella,” this festival will bring the world’s hottest new art form to Northwest Arkansas. VoiceJam will feature a collegiate/community competition, workshops, a professional showcase, community performances and concerts for public schools.

Whether you want to compete, learn or watch, there is something for everyone! Organize your group, practice and prepare to bring your vocals to Northwest Arkansas.


~Saturday, February 28
8pm - Pitch Perfect Sing-Along
~Friday, April 10
8pm - VoiceJam Competition Concert
~Saturday, April 11
9am-5pm - Workshops and Masterclasses
7pm - VoiceJam Red Carpet Showcase


~Pitch Perfect Sing-Along

In this lead-up event to the festival, audiences will get to sing along to a subtitled screening of “Pitch Perfect”, the 2012 sensation directed by Fayetteville native Jason Moore. The competition finalists will also be announced at this event!

~VoiceJam Competition

Deke Sharon will host the proceedings as audiences of all ages enjoy the high octane competition pieces and the field is narrowed. Vocal groups will be competing for the grand prize—entrance to VocalAsia 2015 in Shanghai, China! The House Jacks and Voco Novo will add some vocal highlights and a panel of celebrity judges (names to be announced in early 2015) will select a winner.

~VoiceJam Red Carpet Showcase

This red-carpet celebration will highlight the winner from the previous night’s competition and features full performances by professional ensembles The House Jacks and Voco Novo. Plus, a big Hollywood surprise awaits the audience at the close of the evening!

~Workshops & Masterclasses

Deke Sharon, The House Jacks, and Voco Novo will lead a variety of fun classes for both novices and a cappella pros, covering topics like Vocal Percussion, How To Start a Group and more!


To be considered to compete in VoiceJam 2015, follow the submission process below. Up to 6 groups will be selected as finalists and be invited to compete in the live competition!

● Prizes

~Grand Prize

Perform at VocalAsia 2015 in Shanghai, China! The winning group of VoiceJam 2015 will perform pre-arranged concerts and gigs at VocalAsia 2015 in Shanghai (held in August), in addition to having access to all workshops, masterclasses, group coachings, and concerts. This package also includes accommodations during the festival (apartment and home meals) and arranged city tours. Some airfare support will be provided but might not cover the entire cost.

Perform with the pros! Sing in the Professional Showcase on Saturday night.

Work with the pros! Participate in a masterclass on Saturday with The House Jacks and Voco Novo..

~Runner Up

Work with the pros! Participate in a masterclass on Saturday with The House Jacks and Voco Novo.

~All Groups

Say cheese! All competing groups will get royalty-free access to still photos taken during the competition.

● Submission Process

1. Meet the eligibility requirements
2. Submit a video
3. Submit a competition form
4. Beat the deadline! (February 20, 2015)

1. Eligibility Requirements

Be a collegiate or community a cappella group.

Have no fewer than 3 members and no more than 20 in your group.

Be willing and able to compete in VoiceJam 2015! The competition will take place on April 10, 2015 at Walton Arts Center in Fayetteville, AR. Selected groups will be responsible for travel and accommodations in Northwest Arkansas and must be on site by noon on April 10. Hotel discounts and packages will be available.

While there is no submission fee, if selected to compete, your group will need to pay $40 per performer for a weekend festival pass. This pass will grant each member access to the VoiceJam Competition, the VoiceJam Red Carpet Showcase, and all workshops/ masterclasses. We will provide one (1) free weekend pass to a coach, provided that the coach is not a performing member of your group.

2. Submit a Video

Publish a video on YouTube of your group at its best!

Videos must be no longer than 5 minutes.

Submitted videos do not have to be created specifically for this competition, but if you submit a previously recorded video, at least 50% of the singers in your submission must be current members who intend to compete in VoiceJam 2015.

Even though you might use old footage, you need a new upload! Videos must be titled, “VoiceJam 2015 Competition [YOUR GROUP NAME HERE]”. In the video info section, enter your school/group name and title/arranger for each song performed, as well as a roster of singers in the footage.

Keep in mind, submissions must be voices only… after all, this is an a cappella competition!

3. Submit a Competition Form

After you’ve uploaded your video, fill out the competition form and email it to [email protected]. Make sure your group contact signs it!

4. Beat the Deadline!

Videos and competition forms must be submitted by 11:59pm Central time on February 1, 2015. A selection committee headed by Deke Sharon will review submissions during the month of February and the finalists (up to 6 groups) will be notified no later than February 28, allowing selected groups six (6) weeks to plan and prepare to compete in VoiceJam 2015!

● What We’re Looking For

Submissions can be footage of rehearsals, concerts, singing in the street or in your mother’s living room! We need to be able to see and HEAR your group’s a cappella prowess within the maximum time of 5 minutes. If you’re creating a new video to submit to us, take advantage of the allotted time to introduce your group, tell us where you’re from, and what makes you stand out from the crowd.

Any musical arrangements and material will be considered, but contemporary a cappella music is strongly preferred.


If your group is selected to compete, please review the competition details for everything you need to know!

The competition will consist of 3 rounds, with up to 6 minutes for each group per round.

While we don’t have specific themes, each set should tell a story.

Judges will consider level of difficulty, pitch, blend, storytelling, and overall entertainment value.

● Judges

The judging panel will include a cappella experts and professional musicians. Stay tuned! Specific judges will be announced at a later date.



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