2021 Shanghai A Cappella Online Workshop

2021 Shanghai A Cappella Online Workshop

◎ Basic Information

Date & Time: Oct. 30 - Nov. 07
Every Saturday and Sunday, 10:30 - 17:00

◎ About Class

11 subjects, 60mins /class  

◎ Platform

Live streaming on Zoom  

◎ Participation qualification

· No age limit
· A Cappella groups and members
· Anyone who is interested in A Cappella

◎ Applicable population

· No age limit
· A Cappella groups and members
· Anyone who is interested in A Cappella  

◎ Highlights

· 11 top master groups from all over the world.
· 11 selected A cappella practical themed courses.
· Online immersive interactive teaching, mobilizing your body and senses sufficiently.
· Offering you simultaneous interpretation, experiencing foreign language classes freely. 
· Supporting playback, you will be able to have new experiences every time you watch.  

◎ Learning achievement

· Your singing skills will be improved through two weekends of professional study and after-school practice.
· Besides knowledge points, the workshop pays more attention to cultivating the way you think and problem-solving skills on A Cappella learning.
· Different kinds of excellent courses, exchanging and sharing with others,maximizing your gains within a limited time.Let you be aware of various knowledge in A Cappella singing.
· The workshop is not only a place for you to learn, but also the best occasion to motivate each other and make good friends for a lifetime.

◎ Course Introduction

11 Global Top Masters gathering together

· Bill Hare

De-mystifying the Recording Process with Bill Hare

Join Grammy Award Winner Bill Hare live from his recording studio in California for an interactive discussion and demonstration of various recording and mixing techniques, especially geared toward vocal music.

Besides a behind-the-scenes peek into how Bill creates award-winning tracks, this informal gathering will also allow you to ask the questions that are relevant to your own journey, experience, and goals.

· Deke Sharon

Where did the modern A Cappella come from? "From Quartet to PTX, and then to the future: the evolution of modern A Cappella"

Before trying various music styles to determine team characteristics of your own, listen to this lesson first, and then sing with passion. "Father of Modern A Cappella" Deke Sharon will share the rotation and changes of modern A Cappella from the early barbershop quartet, listening to the characteristics and changes of music styles in each period all the way to the most popular PTX now as well as the possibilities of A Cappella in the future. The styles in the middle include Duwa music, gospel music, African music, vocal jazz, pop rock vocals and so on. After finishing this class, you will be able to master the general style and musical elements of modern A Cappella.

Deke Sharon has led a wave of modern A Cappella trends around the world in the past thirty years. He is the leader in modernizing and popularizing traditional A Cappella art. The founder of the concept of the “Vocal Band”. As a singer, composer, arranger, director, coach, author, and producer, Deke invests in the global development of A Cappella with great energy and enthusiasm. His well-known works include the film "Perfect Pitch" ,the TV talent show " "The Sing Off", TV reality show "Pitch Battle", etc.

· FreePlay - Dylan Bell

Introduction to Live Looping

FreePlay members Dylan Bell and Suba Sankaran are international leaders in the art of “live looping,” using technology to record your voice in “real-time” to create complex musical arrangements. In this workshop, Dylan and Suba will take you through the basics of live-looping, from choosing your equipment, to choosing and arranging a song, to special tips and techniques to make your live-looping song the best it can be!  

· Gabriel Amadeus Hahn

Understanding and especially feeling rhythm and groove is fundamental to performing ‘rhythmic music’, such as blues, jazz, hiphop, pop and many world music genres.

In this online course we will discover simple but effective means helping us to work out and deepen our rhythm skills in different musical styles.

With the support of simple body percussion ostinatos and the use of specific vocal rhythm syllables the class connects body and mind and creates a dynamic learning experience.

The exercises shown in the class will help you pursue your rhythm-and-groove-practice yourself and with your students.

· Klangbezirk - Matthias Knoche

Free your mind - Vocal Improvisation

Pop and jazz music in a vocal group often provides room for solo spots and improvised parts. Sometimes singers find it hard to work up the courage and seize the opportunity to improvise. As well experienced improvising artists Tanja and Matthias love to familiarise singers with their method of getting started with improvisation and taking your first steps in that direction. Learn more about how to begin improvising in a playful way while practicing music theory at the same time. Explore and develop your improvisation skills starting with easy exercises. This workshop will help you to get in touch with your own creativity and bring your ideas to life.

· Mia

Singing Body

Voice and body are the simplest and most primitive tools for us to express. Our body is the resonance box for our sound. When we are conscious of the resonance of sound waves and the body, we can not only achieve the most effective and natural sound, but also bring emotional comfort,the flow of pressure and inspiration. With this foundation, more points can be added to various singing skills and artistic levels. Mia has 20 years of dancing and singing performance and teaching qualifications. This course uses her unique body and voice fusion style to design two themed exercises "Toning" and "Voice and Movement". We will connect the original creativity of the body, let go of the criticism, open up the multiple perceptions of vision and hearing, explore the frequency of listening and response as well as experience the fun of improvisational co-creation.  

Mia has more than 20 years of experience in performing arts with vocal and dance as the core elements.She has choreographed and directed many dance theater works as well as collaborated with visual arts, movies, fashion design and other cross-border collaborations. Her penetrating sound often leads the listener into the mysterious inner moving. In 2002, she founded the Vocal Orchestra with Scott Prairie as the lead singer. Her music album was nominated for the Taiwan Golden Melody Award and the European One World Music First Prize.  

· Michele Weir

As for the topic, is there anything you think works better in an online format?  Vocal jazz in the Chinese a cappella scene is still quite uncommon, so I'm hoping to get their ears widened to those beautiful harmonies and grooves.  What would you recommend?

Hmm, we’ll if you think that the vocal jazz is still pretty new in the Chinese a cappella scene, how about something along the lines of 4 or 5 main fundamentals of jazz style and how to integrate it into you’re a capella group. I would do a quick talk/listen on those points, covering a couple of jazz grooves, approach to sound and vocal style, etc. Title could be something fun/catchy: like “5 Magic Tricks for Singing Vocal Jazz,” or…”Vocal Jazz Basics for A Capella” or… “Fundamentals of Singing Vocal Jazz,” or … “How to Sound Authentic in Vocal Jazz,” or… “How to Win at Singing Vocal Jazz!” … just throwing these out there.

If you like this direction and any of the titles let me know and I’ll think on it and possibly tweak title OR content. If you think something like a more active/interactive workshop is better (where they sing), can do that too OR build some in to the Vocal Jazz Basics workshop.

· Postyr Project - Tine Fris  

Vocal technique

In this workshop you will be introduced to vocal technique that can help you sustain a healthy singing voice and give you the tools to make the vocal sounds that you like in different volumes and vocal ranges.

We will use the world famous complete vocal technique developed by Cathrine Sadolin as a starting point and you will be guided through how you can find and use your support and how you can use your voice in different vocal modes and add sound colors and effects to it if you please. The workshop will be a combination of theory and a lot of hands on exercises.

· The Idea of North - Naomi Crellin

Join Naomi Crellin (Musical Director) and Nick Begbie (Director) of Australia’s best-loved A Cappella group The Idea of North for a sing and a chat. Be inducted into their behind-the-scenes preparation for rehearsals, learn some Idea of North music, and have the chance to ask those questions you’ve always wanted to know the answers to.  

· The Swingles - Jon Smith  

swingles | singing with swagger

swagger (v): to hold one’s self in a confident manner

As a soloist, regardless of what type of song you’re singing, it’s important to be the most confident person in the room. All eyes are on you and it’s your job to control the audience and take us on a journey with whatever message you’re trying to deliver. Even when delivering a sad, emotional solo you must be confident enough to be completely vulnerable and let those emotions come through. This class will mainly be focused on solo singing and it will be 75% participation. Participants will get up and sing for the class and we will discuss what we heard and saw from them. We will discuss posture, facial expressions, the arc of a song, etc. By the end of this class you will learn how to take the stage and command audiences through authentic emotional expression and how to do it with swagger.

· The Real Group - Anders Edenroth

To arrange or compose for a vocal ensemble requires a set of tools that deal with rhythm, melody, harmonies, voicing, voice leading, lyrics, sounds, song structure, genre knowledge and more. I will try to cover many of these aspects and show the participants how I have developed my own unique style of writing for voices.
◎ 11 selected A cappella practical themed courses

· Where did the modern A Cappella come from?
 "From Quartet to PTX, and then to the future: the evolution of modern A Cappella"

· Tech Band
Your first loop class

· Evolution of Rhythm
rhythm and groove is fundamental to performing ‘rhythmic music’

· Vocal confidence
Perfect A Cappella, not just precise and nice harmony

· Road to Impromptu 
Impromptu vocalization is not restrained, release your mind

· Optimize your own voice
Online guidance by voice blogger

· When the harmony converges
The most beautiful thing in the world is probably the harmony

· Singing body
Voice and body are the simplest and most primitive tools

· A Cappella Manual-Arrangement
Essential Arrangement Toolbox for Modern A Cappella

· A Cappella Manual-Secret of the post-produced
Uncover the mystery of recording and mixing with Grammy winner Bill

· Essential skills for optimizing A Cappella : Jazz!
The Jazz world of  A Cappella

◎ About Application

Registration time: Today to Oct. 29  Before 18:00  

◎ Terms of Payment

PayPal(Make sure to note your real name when transferring money )
Payment currency: USD
Account email:[email protected]
Account name:lvhuanhuan

*Please send an email to [email protected] after the payment, including the following registration information,
  Email subject: 2021 Shanghai A Cappella Online Workshop Registration Information
  Mail content: name, gender, date of birth, ID number (Mainland resident ID card, passport, Mainland travel permit for Taiwan residents, Mainland travel permit for Hong Kong and Macao residents), phone number, email address, Wechat ID, residence and shipping address.

The organizer will reply you in the email how to watch the live streaming after the registration is confirmed.  

◎ Price

Original price:$155 USD per person
Special price:$138 USD per person  

◎ Notice

Please fill in the registration information strictly as required; If the information is not clear or the materials are incomplete, the registration will be deemed invalid, and the registration materials and registration fee will not be refunded; The organizer promises to keep the applicants’ information confidential and has the right to request the applicants to supplement the materials; No refund will be made if you withdraw from the workshop for personal reasons after the registration is confirmed.


COMPANY: Shanghai A Cappella Center  
E-mail: [email protected]  
Phone: 021-51793753/021-51793755(Monday to Friday 09:30-18:00)  
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