Yale Whim n' Rhythm
World Tour - Singapore

Join Yale's exclusive senior's-only female a cappella group, Whim n' Rhythm, in a one-night only public concert in Singapore. Comprising of the best 14 senior female singers in the Yale community, this group of stunning ladies embark on their world tour to bring their cause for Women to us through their music.

The talented group of ladies have won accolades from the Contemporary A Cappella Society  (CASA) for their works. Their arrangement for the song "How to Love" (orig. Lil Wayne) was recently  nominated for a Contemporary A Cappella Society (CASA) Recording Awards for Best Female  Arrangement, while one of their singers, Liz Dervan (Whim ’12), was nominated for Best Female Solo for  her phenomenal performance of "Skyscraper" (orig. Demi Lovato). 

The team has a tradition of embarking on international world tours once every summer, visiting  dozens of countries all over the world. This year, they have chosen to stop by Singapore during their tour.  Stephanie Brandon, who sings alto II in the group, is excited about coming to Singapore, “I know a bunch of Singaporeans who go to Yale and they tell me how beautiful it is. I can't wait to be in a sunny city, eating  amazing food and practising my Mandarin.” One of their members, Wan Joo Teo, is a Singaporean who is  studying Psychology at Yale. She plans to pursue her masters in the Netherlands next year before returning  to Singapore to work in the civil service. 

Whim ‘n rhythm will be bringing with them a rich repetoire of songs with a mix of contemporary  pop tunes, (by popular artists such as Amy Winehouse, Taylor Swift, Adele, Florence and the Machine),  folk and a little bit of jazz.

Date: 11 June 2013 
Time: 7.30pm Venue: Aliwal Arts Centre, #03-03, 28 Aliwal Street, S199918 
Tickets: $30 (free seating) 
             $25 (promotional discount) 
             Available at EventClique 
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