International Kodaly A cappella Festival 2016

International Kodaly A cappella Festival 2016

DAY 1 - Fri (Nov. 11)

10:00 ~ 19:00 Registration & Picnic in Art Vally
19:30 ~ Opening Concert
21:00 ~ 22:00 Garden Party

DAY 2 - Sat (Nov.12)

10:00 ~ 12:00 Rehearsal of Adults& College
12:00 ~ 13:00 Rehearsal of Students
13:00 ~ 14:00 Rehearsal of Oversee Teams
14:00 ~ 16:00 Competition for Students
16:30 ~ 19:00 Competition of Adults & Church music
19:30 ~ Gala Concert
21:00 ~ 22:00 Camp Fire

■ Purpose
International Kodaly A cappella Festival (IKAF) aims to promote the international culture exchange through world-wide classical a cappella forum, seminars, competition, and gala concert. Discussing the varied ways to approach to pop music, and exchanging ideas about the ways to create cultural contents for western music and Korean music. The competition will be a place where to realize
the philosophy of Kodaly, "Music belongs to Everyone."

■ Hosted by:
Kodaly A cappella Festival organizing committee
(Korean Kodaly Society, Yemack Art Hall)

■ Organized by:
Korea A cappella Education Society
Kodaly Cultural Art Education Institute

■ Registration
- Registration Period: Sep.1-Nov.31.
- Registration email E-mail: [email protected]
- Bank Account : Paypal [email protected]

■ Registration Condition
- US $100 for 1 person (Early Bird -US $90 till Sep.30)
* Registration Fee covers
; Accommodation(Nov.11~12) for 2 nights in youth hostel
PS. Opening Concert & Gala concert: Ticket for free

■ Requirement
- Duration : Adult & College team : Max 12min.
Youth & Cildren team : Max. 6 min.
Church Music: Max 10 min.
- More than a song is allowed to sing, over time can affect the score
- No limit on repertoire : Classical, Pop, Jazz, Folk music etc.
- Church Music Category : Only Church Music repertoire

■ Performance and Sound Information
-Acoustic appliances:
Max. 8 mic. can be provided only in Contemporary Category.
1 condenser mic for 1 team be provided in all category
Effecter use not allowed, special acoustic adjustment for teams not provided

■ Musical Instruments
-In principle, use of musical instruments not allowed (however, light use of
rhythmic instruments such as tambourines, maracas can be discussed with the
organizing committee in advance. Use of musical instruments for the purpose of
accompaniment strictly not allowed.)

■ Judging Committee
The Judging committee consists of over 5 members. It includes internationally
renowned two foreign artists, two professional a cappella musicians, one from
Korean Kodaly Society, one from sponsor groups, and people in the field of media
and music who are eligible for the a cappella judgement

■ Judging Standards
1. Musicality 40% : Intonation, rhythm, and harmony
2. Musical Creativity 30%: Musical expression, singing ability, ensemble
3. Stage Performance 20%: Stage expressions and performance
4. Audience Responses 10%: Natural communication with audience and responses

■ Awards
Awards, Trophies and Prizes
-Grand Prize : ₩ 2,000,0000
-1st Prize for each division (₩1,000,000),in College-Adult division
Youth division (₩500,000), Children division (₩3,000,000)
Church Music(₩500,000), Best Vocal Awrds(₩500,000)
-Gold, silver, bronze awards, adjudicator's award, best vocal award

■ Transportation
1. Airport Limousine Bus : Inchon Airport 3300, 7300 (Kimpo airport 7300)
-- Daehwa Station - We pick up
2. Express Bus: Hapjoeng Station(Metro No2.) Gate2 No.2200 Bus
3. Metro : Gyungeui Route Geumchon station - Local Bus No.900 or We pick up
4. Heyri: No.9 Gate, No.6 Gate is shortest way to Yemack Art Hall
* Using the google map be recommended.

■ Venue
Heyri Art Vally :
Yemack Art Hall :

◯ Heyri Art Vally
Museum, Drama Theaters, Cinema House, Gallery, Antique Shop, Book sorte
An Romantic village where the Nature breathes.
A valley of architectural exhibits
Squars, loads, fences, and hedges as artwork
A village coated with native foliage
A Specially designated municipality of art and culture
◯ Unity& Peace Area - DMZ(Demilitarized Zone) tour
◯ The biggest luxury outlet : Shopping Area

■ Daily Traffic
-Youth Hotel ↔ Venue: shuttle bus or Walk
-Venue ↔ Downtown(Hongdae Area): public bus No.2200

■ Copy rights
-The sole copy right holder on the recording & video files of the competition is
International Kodaly A cappella Festival (IKAF)
*Contestants not allowed to reproduce or sell the recording & video files for their
commercial purpose
-IKAF do not take a responsibility for any damage or loss of property during the
festival: it includes for the period of preparation, the festival, and the tour.

■ Concerts
Opening Concert : Nov,11 19:30
World best A Cappella team Invitation Conceet
Gala Concert : Nov.12. 19:30
Performance of Foreign Teams & Competition Grand prize team(Obligations)

■Contact Information
-Contact& information : Phone: +8210-8743-8796
E-mail: [email protected]
Korea Kodaly Society Homepage (



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