Promotion Day for 2014 Vocal Asia Festival

Posted by Vocal Asia editors

The promotion day for "2014 Vocal Asia - GwangJu Asia A Cappella Festival" will be held in Seoul on February 23. The preparation of the festival is starting!

The organizing committee member will vow for the festival in the promotion day. Many oversea or local guests and staff will attend, including Kaichiro Kitamura (Vocal Asia's Regional Representative in Japan), Wuming Chen (Vocal Asia's CEO) and Clare Chen (Vocal Asia's Chairperson).

In the promotion day, there are information of organizing and the festival, greeting and information of Vocal Asia, appointment ceremony for supporters’ association and headliner group, celebrating performance of headliner group and exchange gathering.


Promotion Day for 2014 Vocal Asia - GwangJu Asia A Cappella Festival

Date and Time:  15:00, 23, Feb (Sun)

Venue : 999 Hall, Haja Center  (Yeongdeungpo-gu office station of line No.2/5, Yeongdeungpo-gu market station of line No.5), Yungshin-ro 200, Yeongdeungpo-gu,

Host : Gwangju A Cappella Festival organizing committee, Vocal Asia

Sponsor : Vocal Korea, Vocal Japan, Korea A Cappella Association, Aureum, Korea A Cappella Educational research society.

Participant: Organizing committee member, Operation committee member, Secretariat, Supporters association, Headliner, Professional A Cappella group and etc.




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