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The office of Vocal Asia in Beijing was established at “七七文創園” and Voco Novo from Taiwan was invited to perform for the opening ceremony.

.Strong Voices from China released the video that they sang “Pharrell Williams’ Happy”.

The fifth anniversary concert of A Cappella Club of Peking University in China will be held on April 25th.

.The broadcasting program “今天聽了沒” from Radio Taiwan International (RTI) on April 20th was invited Ray Chu from TCMC to introduce “Spring Vocal Festival” and share the experience.

.Voco Novo from Taiwan will hold the concert in Legacy mini on May 4th, and in the performance, the bass, Robin, will sing with the group for the last time.

The tour concerts of Spring Vocal Festival in Taiwan are being held and three international groups will perform around the island.

.Vocal Injection from Taiwan seeks Soprano.

.A Sharp Singers from Hong Kong will hold the concert “L'asharp May” on May 31th.

.The Gay Singers from Hong Kong released the new video “三六(江南絲竹A Cappella版)”.


.“BEST OF BOCA” was released by Varsity Vocals for the twentieth anniversary.

.“The Next Level Music Education Summer Series 2014” will be held during June to August.

.Peter Hollens released the new video and sang Sting’s “Fields Of Gold” with Lindsey Stirling and Tyler Ward.

.Rockapella won CASA's first ever Lifetime Achievement Award at the 2014 CARAs (Contemporary A Cappella Recording Awards).

.Pentatonix got to Beijing and performed at the Beijing International Automotive Exhibition.

.The Swingle Singers will leave for New York and perform on April 25th.

.“London International A Cappella Choir Competition” will be held during April 21th to 26th, and The Tallis Scholars will perform for the opening ceremony on the first day.

.The King's Singers will perform in Taiwan on May 8th and 9th.



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