Vocal Asia Festival 2014
Taiwan and South Korea working in cooperation to create the Asian arts exchange platform

Posted by: Vocal Asia Editors
Published on: 2014-05-08

The long-awaited “Vocal Asia Festival” will be hosted on the 13-17 August this year. The signing ceremony was held at Gwangju today. Gwangju Cultural Foundation Director Kim Seong and Vocal Asia Chairman Chen Feng-Wen co-signed the cooperation contract. This will be the first ever large-scale A Cappella Festival hosted by South Korea. It will also be the first major music festival in recent years, since Gwangju has been actively planning and promoting itself as the “Asian Culture Capital”.

Vocal Asia Festival is organized by the Taiwanese arts group Vocal Asia, held every year in various Asian cities. Started in 2011 in Taipei, 2012 in Shenzhen, 2013 in Taoyuan, this year it will arrive in Gwangju, South Korea. Vocal Asia’s Chairman Chen Feng-Wen said that four years ago organizing the first Vocal Asia Festival, was in the hope of gathering Taiwanese talents and resources, expending and building a platform for A Cappella musicians, performing at different cities every year. Not only to enhance public awareness of A Cappella, but also to foster international exchange and showcase of A Cappella musicians around the world. Vocal Asia CEO Chen Wu-Ming also said that this is a “Traveling Musical Festival”, starting from Taiwan, bringing A Cappella and music lovers from around the world to “travel” all over Asia, enjoying the music and to showcase their unique music features and local culture. In the past , he often attended European or American music festivals or other countries, but he feels that overall in recent years Taiwanese art and culture is the mainstream of Asia, then why not have our own “International Music Festival”, led by Taiwan, lead Asia into more opportunities to interact with the world and bring our music to the world.

Gwangju Cultural Foundation Director Kim Seong also said, as the third largest city in South Korea, Gwangju is the place where many well-known artists grow up, also known as the “Hometown of Korean Art”. In recent years, Gwangju has been heavily investing in infrastructure, aiming to become the “Asian Culture Capital”. It is planning to complete 508 cultural institutions and 19 performing venues progressively by 2015. This cooperation is part of the plan as the first international large-scale A Cappella music festival, which we hope to use as an avenue to attract younger generations, to focus on the harmony and creativity of music style, to bring the world of music lovers to Gwangju, to feel the artistic nature of this city.

Vocal Asia Festival will be hosted on the 13-17 August 2014 in Gwangju, South Korea. We invited Australian renowned Jazz vocals “The Idea of North”, Taiwanese Aboriginal A Cappella group “O-KAI Singers”, as well as South Korean and other Asian well-known groups to join the festival. In addition to the master classes and discussion forums, we will also organize several music concerts and exchange events, so if you like A Cappella music, please type and search “Vocal Asia” or “愛上阿卡貝拉” on the internet for more information.

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