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.“Summer Jazz” hosted by National Chiang Kai-Shek Cultural Center will take place on August 8-9. The Idea of North from Australia and O-Kai Singers will perform during these days.

Voco Novo from Taiwan will have a gig during Hong Kong Read Month in July.

Vox from Taiwan released new MV and planned to hold the concert called “入圍的有”. They are at The Wall in Kaohsiung on June 13th and at SOUND Live House in Taichung on June 20th.

.“One Plus One” from Taiwan will perform at the activity of the 50th anniversary of Shihmen Reservoir in Taoyuan on June 14th.

.There is an article about Lasagna from Hong Kong in the South China Morning Post.

Yat Po Singers from Hong Kong will have a performance called “大殉情” on October 24th and have the workshop called “ A Cappella 101” in November.

Mezzotono from Italy will perform in Hong Kong on June 12th.

Whim 'n Rhythm from Yale University, USA will have a concert in Singapore on June 13th.

MICappella from Singapore are searching for the next member.

AUS-ACA in Australia announced the result about regional competitions.


.“Toronto Vocal Arts Festival” already took place and many groups included Rajaton from Finland performed during these days.

.Eh440 from Canada released new album “Turn Me Up” and the first official MV “Died On The Table”.

.The movie “Pitch Perfect 2” called all fans to participate in.

.Peter Hollens released the new music video “The Water Is Wide”.

.The Filharmonic released the latest MV and sang John Legend’s “All of Me”.



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