The International A Cappella Collaboration
Voco Novo as Headliner in VoiceJam

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Vocal Asia Established New International Performing Art Collaboration Mode
Taiwanese A Cappella Voco Novo to be Festival Teacher in VoiceJam
Taiwan leads Asian Countries toward Global A Cappella Connections

Asia’s largest A Cappella promoting group “Vocal Asia” and the most important A Cappella festival in Asia “Vocal Asia Festival” have successfully joined forces in April to organize and promote “VoiceJam”, the first ever International A Cappella Festival through cooperation between the United States and Asia.  Asia representative and award winning Taiwanese A Cappella group Voco Novo will be the festival teacher and also the guest performer of VoiceJam. It is a historic moment for Taiwan’s performing art and approximately in three years time the cooperation can go beyond United States to Germany.

The invited Taiwanese A Cappella group Voco Novo will set out on March 31st, representing Taiwan to perform in VoiceJam. This is the first ever Taiwanese A Cappella group to be invited to the States to perform and give lectures to the local American A Cappella groups ways to improve singing techniques. Before Voco Novo, Taiwanese A Cappella groups were only invited to the festival as performer or to participate in a competition, so Voco Novo has shown that the performing arts in Taiwan have evolved into another level.

VoiceJam is the first International A Cappella Festival that the United States co-organized with Asia organization and will be held in Bentonville, northwest of Arkansans, which is home to the largest retailer in the world Walmart. The Universal Music Group has seen potential in A Cappella market and thus fully sponsored VoiceJam. Combining elements from different music genres, either mainstream or non-mainstream, the winner will have more chances to show case their talent in the record market. Not only that, the pioneer A Cappella singer Deke Sharon will be invited as the advisor for VoiceJam.

Deke Sharon, The House Jacks and Voco Novo will lead many activities in the one week long VoiceJam including master classes, campus workshops, special guest performance and competitions. The Sing-Off and Universal Studio will also held promotional activities for Pitch Perfect 2, which should attract local media attentions to this brand new art festival.

The most distinguishing feature of VoiceJam is the cooperation between United States and Asia, which brings the distinctive feature of Asian A Cappella music to American audiences. Through the interactions between western and Asian music, more possibilities in performing arts can be discovered. The winning team of the competition will also have a chance to be invited to 2015 Shanghai Vocal Asia Festival.

Voco Novo will not only participate in VoiceJam but also perform in four cities including San Francisco, Chicago, New York and Los Angeles. Local Chicago A Cappella Festival SingStrong also invited Voco Novo as a special guest to perform in the event. Other than performing, Vocal Asia has also made arrangements for Voco Novo to be the instructor of over 15 universities, high schools, and choir.

2015 Voco Novo US Tour

Time : March 31th, 2015 - April 27th, 2015
Location : San Francisco, Bentonville (VoiceJam), Chicago (SingStrong), New York, Los Angeles

Activity Information : 
April 4, 19:30, Jewish Community Center, San Francisco, CA
April 5~11, VoiceJam Festival, Fayetteville, AR
April 12, 14:00, SingStrong Festival, Chicago, IL
April 16, 19:30, NYU Skirball Center, New York, NY
April 24, 19:30, Pasadena Civic Auditorium, Los Angeles, CA



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