Vocal Asia Website Grand Re-opening
From our editor-in-chief

Posted by Vocal Asia chief editor Wuming Chen

Happy new year !!

For a long time We've always dreamed that we can connect the world, reach out to people and make a difference in their lives with our own voices. We sing, we listen, we dream. Since the founding of Vocal Asia in 2011, we have taken our very first step forward in Asia. Through various interactive platforms in performance, education and development, music lovers begin to recognize the synergy from our activities and events.  Thus a platform for a wide range of all A Cappella musicians and audiences gradually takes shape. 

In 2013, we will bring this platform further into the cyberspace and social networks. Our brand new Vocal Asia website will be launched on January 1, which will be the first international A Cappella music portal site in Asia!

We attempt to offer users the latest information on A Cappella events, festivals, groups, publications, and other various A Cappella news and knowledge through our user-friendly interface.  In addition, you can enjoy discussion and communication with musicians and fans though our well linkages of social networks like Facebook, Twitter and Weibo. Isn't it great?

This is our new home. We welcome any suggestions and feedback.  Let us begin a new journey and have a great new year! :-) 

Check the greetings from VA team members over the world!



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