APPLY NOW for VAFex 12 All-Star Groups Workshops!

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We are regathering 12 amazing headlining A Cappella groups, loved from our VAF over the years, to present to you the one and only VAFex ONLINE workshop. All 12 All-Star groups from all over the world at 1 price, USD $99. APPLY NOW!

The instructors is including The Real Group, SLIXS, Freeplay Duo, Rajaton, The Idea of North, Naturally 7, Vocal Sampling, New York Voices, Home Free, Women of the World, The Swingles and ONAIR. It's the first time ever in the A Cappella history all over the world! Don't miss out!!

The VAFex ONLINE Workshops will take place from May 17 to May 23. Join the big event and enjoy yourself at home!

Click here to apply:

▎2020/5/16 - 5/23
✔ Workshop ✔ Live concerts ✔ Classic replay ✔ Aca-Shows ✔ Aca-Day
▎Sing, learn and play online
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