eAAVF is coming this weekend!

Posted by Vocal Asia editors

Aarhus Online Vocal Festival (eAAVF) is coming this weekend! Let's be "Reaching Out" together!

On both Friday and Saturday, you can join online workshops and evening programs with concerts, singing activities, exciting interviews and other fun things with some of the inspiring artists, instructors and choir organizations from all around the world.

The one and only Christine Liu, the artistic director of Vocal Asia Festival, will take part as an instructor. Don’t miss this Asian workshop “The Singing Style of Nanguan” by her with the renowned group, Voco Novo from Taiwan on Saturday. Also, Voco Novo will join and perform at the “Saturday Night Show”.

And the best thing is: it's all completely FREE! So, join the other 1,000+ participants from all over the world and get your free ticket now. Let's enjoy this vocal party!

eAAVF - Aarhus Online Vocal Festival (5/21-22)
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