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Sing to the World,
The Voice of Asia


Vocal Asia

Established in 2010, Vocal Asia is the first multi-national platform and international organization dedicated to A Cappella music. Based in Taiwan, we integrate regional a cappella groups, singers and song-writers along with a cappella performances, information and knowledge from Japan, Korea, Hong Kong, Macau, Singapore, Southeast Asia, Taiwan, China…etc. We also expect to expand our work further onto A Cappella promotion, education, market development and even charity events. A Cappella in Asian regions have been developing separately for years. Resources within Asia were finally integrated as Vocal Asia was established, and bridging up with equivalent organizations and A Cappella groups in Europe and America. Our main targets include arranging concert tours and creative collaborations, integrating regional festivals, providing workshops, master classes, promotional lectures for the general public, and charity events.

Vocal Asia’s principle is motivated by the harmony and humanity of A Cappella music. “Sing to the World, The Voice of Asia”, we focus on integrating Asian voices, and also hope that A Cappella music will play an important part in the Asian art, cultural and creative industry. Let’s sing to Asia and the world with the purest voices.

Our Mission

  • Building an alliance of Asian a cappella organizations
  • Holding international a cappella forum annually
  • Organizing Vocal Asia Camp annually throughout the continent
  • Providing the platform for a cappella information exchange and musicians' profiles
  • Promoting a cappella music by providing a cappella education and related material
  • Organizing concert tours in Asia for international a cappella groups

VA Team

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    Clare Chen

    CJCHT Group, CEO
    Kehua Cultural Foundation, Chairperson
    Shanghai A Cappella Center, President
    Wiener Meisterkurse Vienna Master Courses, Head of Advisory Board
    EMBA Alumni Association of Shanghai Jiao Tong University, Executive Director

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    Peder Karlsson
    International Artistic Advisor

    The Real Academy, Headmaster
    Singer, Composer, Arranger, Vocal Coach

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    Deke Sharon
    International Artistic Advisor

    Contemporary A Cappella Society, Founder
    Singer, Composer, Arranger,
    Vocal Coach, Music Producer, Music Director

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    Sung Mo Han
    International Education Advisor

    Korea A Cappella Education Society, President
    Korea Music Teacher Society, Vice President
    Arranger, A Cappella Education Promoter

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    Kaichiro Kitamura
    Permanent Regional Representative in Japan

    Jazz Vocal Percussionist
    Vocal Music and Vocal Percussion
    Promoter & Educator

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    Angelina Choo-Sassarak
    Permanent Regional Representative in Singapore

    The A Cappella Society in Singapore,
    Founder and Director
    CASA Ambassador for Singapore

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    Kwok Tung Fung
    Permanent Regional Representative in Hong Kong

    Gay Singers, Leader The Contemporary
    A Cappella Society of Hong Kong, Chairman
    CASA Ambassador for Hong Kong

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    Hye Il Kim
    Permanent Regional Representative in Korea

    Korea Aurum (Culture & Art Education) Community Representative
    Gwangju A Cappella Association, Chairman
    Korea Cultural Event Organizer


  • kehua
    Kehua Culture and Education Foundation
    [email protected]
    11F, No.35, Sec.1, Zhongxiao E. Rd., Zhongzheng Dist., Taipei City 10049, Taiwan
  • cjcht
    11F, No.35, Sec.1, Zhongxiao E. Rd., Zhongzheng Dist., Taipei City 10049, Taiwan
  • cjchtart
    Shanghai CJCHT Culture and Art
    7F, Kunyang Bldg., No. 798 Zhaojaibang Rd., Xuhui Dist., Shanghai, 200030 China
  • aart
    A ART
    11F, No.35, Sec.1, Zhongxiao E. Rd., Zhongzheng Dist., Taipei City 10049, Taiwan
    Shanghai Acappella Culture and Art
    7F, Kunyang Bldg., No. 798 Zhaojaibang Rd., Xuhui Dist., Shanghai, 200030 China