Set Tone Men (HK)

Set Tone Men (STM) is a young and energetic contemporary male a cappella group established in September 2011, which is one of the most active groups in Hong Kong. STM has a diverse repertoire, including classical, pop and contemporary music, presented in extraordinary styles and arrangements. STM has been invited to perform for many organizations, including Hong Kong Museum of Arts, RTHK and MTR. STM has also been to Japan, Taiwan, China and Macau, bringing the audience a unique a cappella experience through live performances with their harmonious male voices. Besides performance, STM has received encouraging results at the Taiwan International Vocal Festival 2012, where it won a Silver Medal in the World Contemporary a cappella Competition. It also won the champion in Open Class of the Hong Kong a cappella Contest 2012 and got Gold Prize in Hong Kong International a cappella Contest 2013. STM wishes that all audiences could enjoy their music and love a cappella!





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