VOX is a brand new vocal band formed by old members of The Public Bath House Vocal Band. They were devoted to turn the amateur student band into professional vocal band, so the formation was reorganized. In 2011, VOX was signed to The A Group, and officially became one of the contract artist under the company. The most importantly, the professional music producer “Rio Lee” also joined the team, enabling the team to be more specialized toward their goal in 2012-bringing their A Cappella music to more audiences.

Regarding to The Public Bath House Vocal Band, it was formed in April 2007 mostly by alumni of Wan-Fang Senior High School in Taipei. These young men created their own contemporary A Cappella form with their microphones not only by repertoire in East meets West varieties, but also by their stunning singing weaving in touching harmony with sparkling stage charm.

As a frequent competition winner, The Public Bath House won First Prize, Best Chinese Repertoire Performance, Best Jazz Repertoire Performance and Best Soloist at Taiwan International Contemporary A Cappella Festival 2008 in Taipei. In 2009, they won the Ward Swingle Award First Place, and the Gold Diploma in the Pop Category of International A Cappella Competition -Vokal.Total in Graz, Austria.

In 2010, invited by the Shanghai Concert Hall and Shanghai Conservatory of Music, The Public Bath House went to Shanghai for a live broadcast show called ”Weekly Broadcast Concert”. They also hold entire concert in the concert hall of the Shanghai Conservatory of music. Besides, the group was honored as one of the most significant “Prides of Taiwan” by Global Views Monthly Magazine. The Public Bath House was no doubt one of the best and active A Cappella groups in Taiwan.

In 2011, The Public Bath House participated in the Taiwan Contemporary A Cappella Competition once again, this time they won the Gold Diploma and the First Prize, Best Chinese Repertoire Performance, Best Jazz Repertoire Performance, Best Stage Performance and Best Soloist. They were one of the most active, the most vibrant a cappella bands in Taiwan.

Since The Public Bath House Vocal Band turned into a professional performing group, VOX, they concentrate on writing their own songs, rearranging more and better songs, and also devote their time in developing new performing styles. VOX wants not only to promote A Cappella music, but also to make their performances more entertaining and more inspiring.





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