Orange (HK)

Orange, formed in August 2009, is one of the most popular a cappella groups in Hong Kong. The group name is to be understood by reading it as ‘All’‘Range’, aims to show a broad vocal range and a diverse styles of music. Singers of Orange all show huge passion for singing, and are mostly music graduates who have been involved in various instrumental ensembles, choral ensembles and a cappella groups since early ages. In addition to a cappella covers of pop songs, the group also performs their own original music.

Over the past years, Orange has toured around Japan, Singapore, Taiwan, China and Macau. They were invited to perform in various arts festivals and events, such as the Hamosatsu a cappella Festival in Japan, International A Cappella Festival of Singapore, the 10th Macau City Fringe Festival and the Shenzhen Bay International Fringe Festival etc. The group has also been interviewed by Television Broadcasts Limited (TVB), Cable TV, Jinan QiLuo TV, Jinan Transportation Broadcast Station, Taipei Broadcasting Corporation of China etc.





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